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Cheat codes for Playboy - The mansion

Lists of cheat codes to Playboy - The mansion

Perform some of the tasks odblokowywuje additional things:

- Pool - after completing one mission
- Massage Table - the issue of the two missions
- Leg O Lama - after sex during three missions
- Grotto - the agent's invitation to a party in the course of 4 missions
- Playboy Mini - Markus Jakobskiemu after arranging a romantic relationship with any girl at 4 missions

- Olivias Hef - after 4 missions
- Butt r fly - after the accomplishment of the increase in funding during the 5 missions
- Artsy Bunny Shirt - when placed Karmyn Chase on the cover in 5 missions
- Clubhouse - after completing 5 missions
- Leopard Flares - the Grotto Party organization during seven missions
- Stars en Stripes - after rozkochaniu Wendy and Ciro Bigmoney Burrow during Mission 8.
- Regency Chair - after 8 missions

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